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About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands


The Magical Garden is a home-based daycare in West Toluca Lake.  The setting provides a rich, safe, and natural environment for children to develop social and emotional skills.  It is our belief that children learn best when they are interested in what they are learning. While interacting with your children, we plan activities that will expand their thinking, allowing for self expression and creativity.  Our goal is to inspire your child's conscience awareness of others around them and planet earth. 

We embrace the philosophy of peaceful parenting, which stresses the importance of nurturing emotional intelligence through empathy and connection.  We work to provide children with effective tools to work together in a group. We are here to help children understand the meaning behind their actions and teach them positive ways to meet their needs.

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My name is Veronica Ures.  I am originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina.  I moved to Los Angeles over 20 years ago to follow my passion for the arts and fashion. I have 15 years of experience working at Mi Casita Daycare alongside the director, Camila O’Gorman.  I am the proud mother of a 16-year old daughter, Olivia, who is CPR certified, bilingual, an honor roll student, and will be assisting me with your children.  We have a mascot named Coco, an 8 pound pupper full of joy.  He loves wearing costumes and brings a smile to all ages. Coco will be an important part of your child's nurturing and development towards the appreciation of animals. The children I care for continue to be the greatest inspiration for me.  I can not wait to meet your child.

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